A ruggedly constructed medium throw 575 Watt HMI, 120 Volt Follow Spot, the Satellite-1 produces a hard or soft edge beam which varies from 7° to 20°. At a distance of 150 feet, adjusted in spot focus, the beam is 19' in diameter with a peak measurement of 155 footcandles.

The Satellite-1 is designed for use with a 575W watt metal halide lamp for optimal performance. This fixture may be used in any application where manual control of a lighting beam is required to follow a performer.

Altman Satellite II

  • The zinc-plated steel slide assembly assures easy operation of focusing from spot to flood with separate lock knobs.

    45° tilt, up or down, 360° pan.

    Top-operated framing, iris and dimming control. Heat resistant control handles.

    3 Fan cooled, with finger-guard covers.

    Access door allows easy re-lamping, cleaning, and servicing.
    Safety switch cuts power if an access door is opened.

    Features an automatic self-canceling 6 frame color boomerang and twin bladed douser. Gel frames are easily removable for color changes.

    Lightweight low-noise ballast with 12.5' detachable cable.
    The magnetic ballast has a black baked enamel finish on heavy gauge stainless steel.


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