The 701 portable blacklight is a four foot fluorescent lighting device which produces a wash of near ultraviolet radiation for effect. Ultraviolet waves cause white reflective and specially treated surfaces to fluoresce while dark or absorptive surfaces become invisible. The lamp contains an integral filter to eliminate any harmful far ultraviolet radiation while maximizing the near ultraviolet effect. Effective distance for the 701 is 4 to 10 feet from the subject. Common usage is to line the stage front with a number of luminaires to act as ultraviolet footlights. The 701 is constructed of 18 gauge steel with integral ballast, reflector, line cord, and hinged latching cover with carrying handle. The finish is baked black enamel.

Altman UV701

  • Features:
    • Latching hinged cover is removable
    • Integral carrying handle on cover
    • 6' power cord with connector
    • Quiet operation
    • 4' to 10' operating distance for maximum effect
    • 40 watt lamp with integral UV filter provided 20,000 hour lamp life
    • U.L. and c.U.L. listed for 40 watts
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