Made in the USA with DMX 100242

The S.P. model is 97% quieter than the regular Little Blizzard (so quiet you can whisper next to the machine) and our most popular model, the Little Blizzard S.P. DMX is all digital. Use with new "Super Dry" Little Blizzard Fluid and Hurricane II fan for best snow effect without residue. Includes remote/volume/on/off, DMX, hanging bracket, silent operation and more.

CITC Solutions Little Blizzard Snow Machine


    • Most realistic evaporating snow
    • No clumps. No residue when using suggested LB Fluid
    • 20% higher output than original Little Blizzard
    • Quieter than former Little Blizzards
    • Fluffier, lighter, drier flakes
    • More conservative on fluid
    • Greater range, variable output
    • DMX on board
    • Smoother, easy to clean powder coating
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