The City Theatrical ShoW Baby 5 makes wireless DMX simple. Show Baby 5 can be used as a transmitter or receiver. When a control console is plugged into the DMX input jack, the unit configures itself as a transmitter. If nothing is plugged into the input jack, it configures as a receiver- passing a full universe of DMX through it's output jack. 5 ShoW ID channels allow users to maintain multiple DMX universes simultaneously, and each universe is color coded for easy pairing of transmitters and receivers. Show Baby 5 wireless DMX transceivers save you time and hassle by eliminating long cable runs.



City Theatrical SHoW Baby 5

  • Features:

    • Based on ShoW DMX Neo technology.
    • Compatible with all ShoW Baby and ShoW DMX Neo systems.
    • LED indicators provide visual confirmation of signal strength, receiver/transmitter operation mode and data presence.
    • Up to 72mW ETSI broadcast power.
    • RDM capable with proxy and responder functions.
    • Power supply and hanging bracket included.
    • 3.625"W x 1.8"H x 3"D, 6.4 oz.
    • Complies with FCC, IC and CE rules and guidelines.
    • 3-pin or 5-pin models available.
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