The ETC Element Control Consoles are based on the Eos Control System, but with a simplified feature set. Element Consoles are fully DMX512 stand-alone lighting control boards designed for modest (by industry standards) rigs, and maximum manual fading control.

Element boards are best suited for venues such as schools and houses of worship with a single console operator. It works best with conventional fixtures such as spots, PARS, Fresnels and their accessories -- scroller, gobo rotators, etc. It is also suitable for some LED fixtures and/or a small number of simple moving lights.

ETC Element 40


    • Channel Faders

    • LTP channel faders for simple shows
    • Build up looks for use as submasters or cues
    • Edit levels stored in subs or cues live
    • Submasters

      Channel faders can switch to become 40 Submasters for simple playback of live shows

      Cue List

    • Record up to 10,000 cues and fade times into single cue list for simple playback of more complex shows using a GO button
    • Complex timing functions like cue parts and follows to create more intricate lighting transitions
    • Effects

      Record effects directly into Cues or load them into Submasters for more dynamic lighting looks

      Other Controls

    • On Demand ML Controls appear on screen with tools designed to control small numbers of scrollers, gobo rotators and mirror heads for conventional fixtures
    • Color and Gel Picker controls provide just the right color to LEDs and color-mixing accessories and fixtures
    • Intensity, Focus, Color and Beam Palettes (4 x 1000) let you store commonly-used settings to buttons you can label yourself
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