The ETC Ion 1000 Control COnsole is a compact, easy-to-use control board that provides full control over your still and moving fixtures. The Ion 1000 has a large programming keypad, dedicated encoders for non-intensity parameter control, a grand master and blackout button, and a master split fader.

As equipped, this model of the Ion 1000 can handle up to 1024 fixtures. This control board can be ganged together with other Ion boards and remote processor units to form a network for synchronized backup or stand-alone lighting applications. All data may be viewed on one or two of your external monitors.

This board offers manual and programmed control. Effects may be created live, or blind (while performance is running). Effects can be recorded, saved and played back automatically or manually. Updating or reprogramming effects, fade times, steps, and cycles may be edited easily. New cues may be inserted between existing ones.



    • Display Functions on Your Monitor(s)

      Central Information Area

      • Browser, File Management, Display Selection
      • System Defaults, Show Defaults, Desk Defaults
      • Security Functions, Network Configuration, Show Data Utilities
      • Printing, Record Target Lists, Patch functions
      • Help, Hue and Saturation Color Picker
      • Electronic alpha keyboard, Command Line
      • Selected Cue, Error messages
      • Parameter Categories and individual parameters
      • Filters

      Channel Displays

      • Live channel or table view
      • Blind cue, palette, preset and submaster views, in list, channel, table and spreadsheet formats
      • User configurable to show required parameters and/or parameter categories (IFCB)
      • Flexi-channel to determine which channels to display
      • Zoom allows user to define how many channels are viewed
      • Color coded intensity levels indicate direction of move
      • Color coded non-intensity levels indicate change from previous state
      • Graphic differentiation of moving lights, single parameter devices, unpatched channels and deleted channels

      Patch Views

      • Patch by address, channel
      • Assign proportional patch value, curve, preheat value for intensity
      • Invert or swap pan and tilt
      • Custom Fixture Editor

      Playback Status Display

      • Graphic representation of cue list status, past and future cues
      • Expanded cue list for selected cue
      • Cue list index
      • Dimmer monitoring

      Playback Controls


      • Master Playback crossfade pair with two 60mm dials
      • Go, Stop/Back and Load buttons

      Grand Master

      With Blackout

      Playback Fader

      • Timing Disable, Off, Release
      • Manual override, rate
      • 200 playback faders and 300 submasters (additive or inhibitive) via optional fader wings
      • Six universal fader wings can be attached

      Moving Light Controls

      Four Rotary Encoders

      • Toggle state, which posts selected parameter to command line
      • Labeling and current parameter value in integral LCD display
      • Focus, Color, Form, Image, Shutter and Custom paging controls, Flip
      • Parameters selectable by category (IFCB), sub-category (Form, Image, Shutter) or individually for command line actions, such as setting discrete timing.
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