The Rosco 1700 Fog Machine is an affordable professional fog machine. The Model 1700 features a volume control on the remote that is standard equipment. This allows the user to dial up the exact amount of fog needed for each effect. Also included are on/off timers for automatic initiation and cessation of a fog effect.

Rosco 1700 Fog Machine

  • Versatile

    • May be operated with the Rosco Chiller Module or Rosco Coldflow for low-lying chilled fog.
    • Gives a high burst of fog and then ramps back to give continuous fog at any volume
      setting with no interruption for a reheat cycle.
    • Easy to service and maintain.

    DMX Capable, Remote Ready

    • DMX interface is available allowing full control from a lighting control board.
    • The remote control can be stored in the machine and comes with a 15-foot cable.
    • Extension cables for extending the remote 50 to 100 feet are also available.

    Daisy Chain

    • Up to four Model 1700 machines can be "daisy chained",
      or operated together from a single remote.
    • Useful in venues such as discos, clubs, large performing spaces or theme park attractions or where more than one machine is required to fill the space with fog or smoke.

    Additional Features

    • Equipped with an electronic thermostat, a cast aluminum heat exchanger and a piston pump, all for easy serviceability.
    • Holds either a 2.5 or 4-liter container of fluid and will use any Rosco fog fluid.


    Tested for use in professional theatrical productions and are included under the Equipment-Based Guidelines of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds.

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